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Mt. Vernon is planning their first River Days Celebration for September 12-13. Of course, the highlight of this special event will be the docking of the Lincoln Flatboat, a replica of the craft that carried Abraham Lincoln and his friend, Allen Gentry, to New Orleans in 1828. The month-long flatboat trip this year is being taken in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth, February 12, 2009. The flatboat will land at the Port of Mt. Vernon about noon on Friday, September 12th and will leave sometime on the morning of Saturday, September 13th.
Our class will have an important part in the River Days celebration. One of our projects is to provide an interactive kiosk where visitors will test their knowledge of Lincoln facts. Your child will be finding these facts and creating the kiosk that will be on display on those days. This is just the first project we will complete for the River Days celebration. We will begin project number two very soon so keep watching this space.
Please read the following PLC Game Plan for this project, then go to the Finding 2 Facts page to get started on your quest for two unique facts.

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Here is our Lincoln Project Game Plan (PLC)

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