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The 2014 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket


Check out this article to learn about MARCH MADNESS! There will be a comprehension test in reading!

You will be drawing basketball teams in your language arts classes. You will draw from the 9-16 seed teams and from the 1-8 seed teams. Use tape to stick your teams to your team seed number sheet.

You will have about 3 teams when all have been distributed. When all teams have been drawn, you may be allowed to swap teams with your classmates. Caution...be sure you understand before you swap!
From your remaining teams, determine which one you'd like to research and write a letter to.
Print the following stat sheet:

Use the following web sites to help you research your team and the school they represent:

Go to Quick Jump then Select a Team
Go to College Search then search by name

Finally, write a letter to your college requesting any information they send you. Be sure to mention how much you like their school/basketball team, when you plan on graduating from high school, and the area you are interested in studying. Be sure to plan your letter using the 4-square plan sheet!

Brain Pop - business letter!
OWL - How to Write a Business Letter
Sample Business Letter


Read and Study the March Madness article

Complete the Stat Sheet

Write a letter to your college (5 paragraphs)

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4-SQUARE Planning

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