Special Reading Requirements for 6th Grade Honors
Our 6th Honor's goal is to read at least 50 books this year.
If a book is 450 pages or more, it will count as 2 books.
If a book is 40 pages or less, you will have to read 5 of those to count as 1 book.
We also have a goal to read a variety of different genres.
Look in RESOURCES above for the Indiana Reading List for grades 6-8.
Here are your guidelines:
Poetry- 2 Mystery-2 Science Fiction-2 Historical Fiction-2
Informational-1 Biography/Auto-biography-2 Realistic Fiction-5
Same author-2 Picture Books-10 (approved by Mrs. O'Risky)
These genre requirements will complete 28 of your goal of 50 books.
You will create a MBC page (name it with your first name) in Reading Period 5 (on My Big Campus). You will keep a tally of your book titles, their genre, and the number of pages contained within. Login to MBC, go to ORISKY Reading Period 5, then click on PAGES to see the example called Pam.

You will also be required to give a book review each quarter. Your book review will be given as a multimedia project. You will have a choice of the format. Some of the suggested formats include:
Video Presentation
Wiki report
Character Representation
Book talk